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The Knight’s Daughter

I am the daughter of a knight.
A knight who, every morning, mounts his trusty steed,
A old pickup named Toyota,
To gallop into battle against the demons of crime, poverty, ignorance, and ugliness.
He is my champion, bringing me daily the spoils of the workday battle:
Notebooks, colored pencils, lumber scraps, and old, worn library books
From the book sale at the county library across the street.

I am the daughter of a knight.
And as his princess, I am protected from want;
Want of interest, want of love, want of wonder.
He brought me the seashore, the mountains, and the starry sky.

I am the daughter of a knight.
Taught to be fearless and confident.
Together we are slayers of newspapers,
Bowls of ice cream, old war movies,
Comic strips and history books.

I am the daughter of a knight.
He lays at my feet the treasures he has collected:
The joy of flight, the wonder of wandering,
The awe of the infinite, the courage to persevere,
Fulfillment in creating, and the love of humor.

I am the daughter of a knight.
Forever grateful for my proud heritage.
Neither greater riches could be bestowed,
Nor maiden as lucky, or as blessed.